Valentine’s DIY Tutorial: Sweetheart Sunglasses

Candy hearts are so cute and colorful, I had to make something out of them for Valentine’s Day! Because of their size sunglasses seemed to be a good project. I thought it was hilarious, one of the hearts said “tweet me” on it! I remember candy hearts used to taste chalky when I was younger but these were fruity and delicious! Times are changing (says in old lady voice).1. You will need sweethearts! I recommend getting a big bag like this one from the dollar store (instead of a little box) because over half the hearts in mine were misprinted/shaped funny and that way you’ll have a lot to choose from. You will also need scissors (or an x-acto blade), colored and clear nail polish, hot glue, craft foam and sunglasses (another dollar store purchase).

2. Time to make the heart rims! Just like making a valentine, first fold your foam in half and then cut a shape like the drawing above. Remember it’s better to make your heart too big and then trim it down to fit the lens better. Next fold your heart in half and cut out the center. This time make your cut small and then trim more off as needed.

3. Once you have one heart done you can just lay it down on your foam and cut around it to create a second heart! Easy peasy! Like before, fold your second heart in half and cut out the center. Hold them up to your lenses to make sure they’re the right size. I’m not including a template of my hearts because the size and shape will really vary based on your sunglasses.

4. Use your scissors to carefully scratch up both sides of the hearts. Then use them to scratch up the rims of your sunglasses where the foam hearts will be attached. This step is important because rough surfaces stick and stay together more easily. Next attach the hearts with hot glue.

5. Pick out your favorite candy hearts and scratch up the backsides using your scissors. Glue them on randomly or in a repeating color pattern like I did. I also made sure each of mine had a unique saying!

6. Using your colored nail polish, paint any exposed white areas and in between nooks and crannies. When that is completely dry apply your clear gloss nail polish over the candy hearts and colored areas (for me the pink spots). This will give the glasses a shiny look and seal in the sugar so bugs don’t attack yo face! Hahaha okay that probably wouldn’t happen either way, but it will protect them from water and smudging :]

If you buy sunglasses with heart rims already this DIY would be even easier! Will you try it?

Stay Sassy,