Sugar Rush

I’ve let myself become overwhelmed by the amount of blogging I’m behind on (I have a plethora of personal style posts, street looks and coverage of an entire fashion show to share) but today I say, “Better to start small than not at all!” I feel really clever for rhyming and like I invented an ingenious new phrase.

Today my sweet tooth kicked into overdrive (fine, it did yesterday too when I had boba tea and Korean shaved ice in one sitting) and I indulged in a blueberry muffin and a scrumptious french toast/peanut butter flavored frozen yogurt whilst wearing my cupcakey lolita outfit. I sewed the skirt and created the headband.

As I stepped out of the froyo shop/my super fancy photography studio, I saw these lovely ladies both sporting deliciously colored locks. These pastels are just too good.

Is anyone else dreaming about strawberry smoothies, cotton candy and popsicles right now? Oh man I just remembered I have mango cream bars in my fridge… YOLO (yummy orangey lickables oooooo)!




I want shoes. I want shoes. I want shoes. I want shoes! But cool shoes cost lots of gwap (that’s Brooklyn speak for “money”) so I am coping by drawing shoes, taking pictures of shoes and making my own!

I was inspired by Anna Sui’s prints for these drawings (above and below). Cutie marching elephants…

Face shoes! I wish they were real and on my feet!

MORE ELEPHANTS! I feel like this shoe design is so original and clever — I WANT THEM REAL! Check out these actual elephant shoes I just found on google images:


She is saying “BOYS ARE POOP AND SHOES ARE LOVE”. Those are my exact feelings currently.

Pretty neutrals sitting against an awesome print. Taken at the Brooklyn flea market.

I want those white boots and the purple tribal print!

I know it’s ridiculous, but when I was at this store I almost started crying because I was so in love with all the shoes… The purple boot with all the straps and the bow is my favorite.


Above two pics were taken at Macy’s. I love the see-through details. On that note, look at these boots I found in a SOHO boutique:

Here in NYC many of the dance clubs won’t let you in without heels. THIS ENRAGES ME. Mostly because I don’t have any comfortable heels (like wedges) but also because I can’t show off my two step without my dancing kicks. BUT I still wanna hit up the clubs so I went out and bought the cheapest, comfiest wedges I could find ($20 at Strawberry):

THEN I gathered up some of the fabric swatches I was allowed to take from work at Anna Sui:


BAM! I am really proud of these. Tonight I am going out in them so I’ll show you more later. SHOES. SHOES. SHOES. SHOES. I WANT MORE MORE MORE.



Create then wear!


One of the tour bus guys from the street corners near Times Square was really excited to tell me that he sees tons of people everyday but he had NEVER seen anything like my pants before. He went on to warn me about everyone else stealing my idea. Which is okay with me! In fact, I’ll be your partner in crime with a DIY post later this week ;D For now check out how I made the sparkly black and white collar necklace: TUTORIAL

Tried to get creative with my do.

I have been getting a lot of use out of my Barbie purse!


Video made using continuous capture mode. This is my current favorite song:

I got the leggings for fifty cents thrifting and added the rhinestones with my bedazzler! It was fun to use — basically like a big stapler! The shirt is a gift from Mama Ching Chong (Chelsee’s mother).


Wearing the Barbie skirt I made in class.


When I don’t wear makeup I feel like I have to be super fierce! Wearing a skirt I made. There is a matching top too but I wanted to try switching things up!

The top is a bandeau paired with a white shoulder cover thing (I cut it off a white tank) but I think it totally looks like a real top!

Not a great quality photo, but I wanted to show you the rose broach that I safety/bobby pinned into my hair.

Time to begin another week of fashionable fashionzzz. Happy Monday morning everyone! Wish I was still in bed…



The Wicked Style

Harajuku Girls you got the wicked style,
I like the way that you are, I am your biggest fan….

I always think of that song when I see cool street fashion! There were some really creative, attractive peeps out this weekend! Check em:

Obviously her hair is AMAZING, but I also love that she’s wearing different plaids that use the same colors in a different way! GET IT GIRL.

A floral headband and cool tribal printed top; it’s simple but still bold. I like how she makes it a little edgier with the platforms.Great attention to detail here! Her nails are painted that same fabulous orange at the booties.

Her hair matches her socks and this makes me happy.

Meet Chanel! She was so interesting. She made the harem pants that morning and the gloves were borrowed from her girlfriend Elizabeth. Chanel told me that she used to model and worked for brands like Calvin Klein and Anna Sui! She moved on to styling after that and worked with a couple of now big hip hop artists. She was talking pretty fast but I’m pretty sure she said she picked out Kanye West’s Grammys outfit the year he went off on T-Swift!

I don’t even know what to say about this one, I’m having trouble believing it was real even though I took the picture! This is Shadow. His favorite color is blue and he loves snow cones (his hair looks like one).

Check back this weekend for a big ol’ post of my looks from the week!

Stay Sassy,



Such a Style Chameleon

My second week in NYC is flying by so fast! Dear time, PLEASE SLOW DOWN!


Multicolored lips to match my skirt! UGHH I miss that warm-midriff peeking-boba smoothie sippin-weather! It is currently pouring chilly rain.


NEW YORK HAS A BEACH! Still trying to wrap my mind around it. My new friend Ashley showed me the ropes at Coney Island.

Beach photo shoot for Italia magazine. At one point the model had to leave to change but couldn’t walk with those heels in the sand so one of the guys flung her over his shoulder and sprinted to the boardwalk. I heard the her complaining about the shoot taking too long later. She had a British accent. I WOULDN’T COMPLAIN, PHOTOGRAPH ME GAHHHHHHHHH

I did get to do a mini shoot with a cool snake named Candy! Pictures taken by Tom with my new camera (which I LOOOOVE).

Glad I wore my Fredericks suit! I got it for free at a fashion show I did 2 years ago. I remember requesting a one piece because I felt shy and this is what they gave me — ha!


Jessica helped me experiment with the continuous shoot mode on my camera :D

My favorite part of this look is the twisty hair.


I got this romper for 50 cents at the Buffalo Exchange Outlet in Nogales, AZ but it needed some serious TLC before I could wear it: hemming, pocket removal (they were bunchy and looked weird so now they are faux pockets), zipper re-sewn in and shoulder strap reattached. But isn’t it cute? I say worth it.


I woke up early to do some crafting with my glue gun and fabric swatches I was allowed to take from my internship. Here are the pieces I felt inspired to accessorize:

My supplies:


I love the way the gloves turned out! Such pretty stretch lace :D


I got creative with my favorite spike bracelet’s today using one as an anklet and the other as a hair piece.

I love the way my metal necklace looked underneath the shirt’s collar. There were so many cool photos today it was hard picking! I bet the location is one of the last places you’d think. It’s the entry walkway to the NYU gym!

Big BIG BIG thanks to Jessica for being my photographer!

I am working on some drawings to share with you soon, and hopefully some more street fashion.